August 27, 2010

In the Spotlight – Avian Influenza Online Training

Avian Influenza: Detection in Wild Birds - Field Collection of Samples

The Minnesota Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance (MCEIRS) is one of five Centers funded by the National Institutes of Health. The director of the Center for the Infectious Disease Research Policy, University of Minnesota also serves MCIERS.

A series of avian influenza training modules are currently available through the MCEIRS Online Training Portal. Individual modules are listed with links to detailed summaries. Each module contains several e-learning lessons and a knowledge check to reinforce your learning, and continuing education credit and certificates are available.

The module, Avian Influenza: Detection in Wild Birds- Field Collection of Samples, is the result of a collaborative effort between MCEIRS and the USGS National Wildlife Health Center. Registration is free, but required in order to take the training.

Intended Audience
This training module is directed toward a variety of professions and backgrounds including but not limited to: wildlife professionals, government workers, researchers, veterinarians, students, international workers, and other field professionals working in avian influenza surveillance programs.

Overall Goal
The goals of this training module are to provide an overview of the techniques for collecting samples for the detection of avian influenza viruses in wild bird populations, the selection and use of personal protective equipment, and the handling and shipment of samples. The role of wild birds in the maintenance and spread of these viruses and the importance of monitoring wild birds for the presence of avian influenza viruses will also be addressed.

Upon successful completion of this module the learner will have:
  1. A basic understanding of the role of wild birds in the maintenance and spread of influenza viruses and the importance of monitoring for the influenza viruses they carry
  2. Familiarity with the methods of sample collection and handling when monitoring for avian influenza viruses
Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine and Wildlife Society credit hours are available, as detailed when you enter the training module. In addition, a certificate of completion from MCEIRS can be obtained.

Source: MCEIRS Online Training Portal

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