August 26, 2010


Tumors found on green sea turtles raise concerns

There is a new concern about the Rio Grande Valley’s sea turtle population.

A sinister virus has migrated to the waters off the tip of South Padre Island and infected green sea turtles.

About 10 turtles have been diagnosed with fibropapilloma.

Valley Morning Star -
S Sinclair
15 Aug 2010
Location: South Padre Island, Texas, USA - Map It

Fish kill near Shelby sad, frightening

Brandy Leicy was shocked to find her neighbor in tears and more than 100 floating, dead fish when she dropped by the half-acre pond near her 4180 Ohio 61 home Tuesday.

. . . The reason?

It's anyone's guess -- but the situation has her concerned about more than wildlife.

Mansfield News Journal -
J Kinton
25 Aug 2010
Photo credit: D Melograna/Mansfield News Journal
Location: Shelby, Ohio, USA - Map It

(Neb.)-Panhandle Bird Tests Positive For West Nile

A bird in Box Butte County has tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

It is the first bird in the state of Nebraska to test positive.

. . . Statistics show that 14 counties have tested positive for the virus this season.

KCSR AM 610 -
C Fankhauser
24 Aug 2010
Location: Box Butte County, Nebraska, USA - Map It


Dead seals no cause for alarm, aquarium official says

A spate of dead baby seals washing up along the shores in the Seacoast may have some beach-goers concerned, but marine officials said the incidence is nothing that should cause alarm.

On Monday, a baby harbor seal was pulled from the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth. Two more dead baby seals washed ashore Tuesday; one at Seapoint Beach in Kittery, Maine, and one at North Hampton State Beach.

"The high number of dead seals is a byproduct of the weather," said Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium in Boston. "You see a fair amount of mortality in harbor seal pups at this time of year."

Seacoast Online -
P Cronin
25 Aug 2010
Photo credit: A Kane
Location: USA - Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Map It ; Seapoint Beach, Maine - Map It ; North Hampton State Beach, New Hampshire - Map It

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'Virtual Shellfish' Aid In Studying Oil's Effects

. . . Wetzel and two colleagues from the lab are motoring out into the pale-blue waters of Sarasota Bay to test a device designed to find whatever oil is meandering through the Gulf. Wetzel calls it a "virtual shellfish."

It's a membrane, sort of like a strip of plastic inside a metal housing the size of a cell phone. Water flows across the membrane, which collects contaminants like oil.

Once the device tells scientists how much oil or dispersant is in the water or sediment, scientists can calculate how the contaminants work their way up the food chain as big animals like spotted eagle rays eat smaller ones like clams.

National Public Radio -
C Joyce
20 Aug 2010
Photo credit: C Joyce/NPR

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