August 16, 2010


Saskatchewan suspects virus has killed 1,000 cormorants, gulls, in northwest

More than a 1,000 dead cormorants and gulls have been found in lakes in northwest Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Environment suspects the bird deaths were caused by the Newcastle Disease Virus.

...The dead birds are being tested at the Canadian Co-operative Wildlife Health Centre to confirm the existence of the virus.

Winnipeg Free Press -
13 Aug 2010
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada - Map It

Disease, not poisoning, blamed for duck deaths in Cape Coral park

State wildlife officials now suspect that avian botulism or other natural causes may be responsible for the demise of four Muscovy ducks at a Cape Coral park.

However, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission won’t know for a couple of months whether botulism or some other deadly pathogen is responsible for the mallards’ deaths, said agency spokesman Gary Morse.

... Seven sick Muscovy ducks were found at Four Freedoms Park in the past two weeks and taken to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel, said Steve Pohlman, city parks and recreation director. He said three of the ducks survived.

news-press -
12 Aug 2010
S Husty III
Location: Florida, USA - Map It

Wildlife officials kill 8 bighorn sheep with pneumonia from Skalkaho herd

State wildlife officials killed eight ailing bighorn sheep from the Skalkaho herd earlier this week after finding the animals exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia.

... A graduate student, Chris Anderson, found the sick sheep in the Skalkaho drainage. Anderson is monitoring bighorn sheep herds in the East Fork and Rock Creek areas that were impacted by last winter's pneumonia outbreak.

..."They look like they were very early in the infection," he said. "If there is a silver lining to this, that would be it."

Missoulian - (source: Ravalli Republic)
11 Aug 2010
P Backus
Location: Montana, USA - Map It

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Mystery surrounds seal deaths

A wide scale investigation involving police and several other organisations is being carried out to discover why more than 35 severely scarred seal carcases have been appearing on the north Norfolk coast.

The mysterious deaths have been occurring in Wells, Blakeney and Morston since December and have been continuing over the last few weeks.

The animals, a mixture of both grey and common seals have all suffered laceration injuries which are believed to have proved fatal.

All have a single smooth edged cut that starts at the head and spirals around the body which is strongly believed to have been caused by a blade of some sort.

Post-mortem examinations have been carried out on two seals but the results are not yet known.

EDP 24 -
12 Aug 2010
A Lazzari
Location: United Kingdom - Map It

West Nile virus found in San Mateo County squirrel

A dead squirrel found in San Mateo has tested positive for the West Nile virus, the first confirmed case of the disease in the county this year.

San Mateo County officials picked up the eastern gray squirrel on July 28 and, after testing its remains in a lab, confirmed Thursday that it was carrying the virus, which can be deadly and has no cure. The county's Mosquito and Vector Control District would not say where in San Mateo the squirrel was found.

MercuryNews -
12 Aug 2010
M Rosenberg
Location: California, USA - Map It

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