August 13, 2010

In the Spotlight: Wildlife Information Network

Wildlife Information Network: A One-stop Resource for Information on Wildlife Health and Management

Wildlife Information Network (WIN) is a veterinary science-based non-profit organization. Their mission is to provide information on the health and management of free-ranging and captive animals and emerging infectious diseases to wildlife professionals and decision-makers worldwide.

The results of their efforts is Wildpro® Multimedia, an Electronic Encyclopedia and Library of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and emerging infectious diseases. Some of the resource materials are freely available, but most are limited to subscribers.

Why we exist

“ WIN was founded in 1992 by Suzanne Boardman, who was a vet at London Zoo. Susie recognised the urgent need to disseminate clear, reliable, practical veterinary information to colleagues working at zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, animal health clinics, field stations and rehabilitation centres around the world.

…WIN was established to gather wildlife health and management information from diverse and fragmented sources in order to make it quickly available to professionals fighting to conserve healthy wild animal populations. “

How we work

“WIN increases the information available to its members by identifying the priority subject areas for which vets most urgently need all-inclusive volumes. WIN vets research the literature available on the subject, but also tap into unpublished sources of information by identifying scientists who are working with the species, the diseases and the environmental issues every day. Each wild species requires a unique set of veterinary information, which is not easily available, but WIN uses its full resources to acquire the data.”

Wildpro Electronic Encyclopaedia

“The Wildpro Electronic Encyclopaedia is designed as a one-stop source of information on the health and management of captive and free-living wild animals, and emerging infectious diseases.

Because of the huge breadth of the encyclopaedia, and the depth of the information contained within it, Wildpro is being developed in a series of volumes, each of which can be used separately (provided on CD-ROM) or as a part of the whole encyclopaedia (available on the website).”

About the Electronic Library

“The Wildpro Electronic Library contains more than 100 documents ranging in size from single page factsheets or pamphlets to whole books…. Some are provided in Portable Document Format (.pdf files), others as HTML files (some are presented in both formats).

This library is a huge resource for anyone with an interest in wildlife health and management or emerging infectious diseases. It brings together a wealth of information from a wide variety of sources. …Many of these documents are hard to find.

... Some of these documents are available in the Public Access section of this website, others are accessible only to subscribers, in the main Wildpro Encyclopaedia.”

Wildpro Electronic Encyclopaedia Sample Releases