October 8, 2010

In the Spotlight - USGS Publications Warehouse

Find Recently Released USGS Publications or Discover Archived Gems
In July 2010, the USGS Publications Warehouse web site was updated with a fresh new look. From the newly designed home page, visitors can quickly see what publications were added to the online library today, in the last 7 days or by past months. They can also learn what hot topics are being searched as well as the most popular publications in the last 30 days, last 3 days or for all time.

This growing collection dates back as far as 1880, and currently holds approximately 91,221 publication citations, of which over 53,211 are available to read online. Each item is cataloged with descriptive information about it, such as publication type, publication date, description, and author. This information can be viewed by clicking on the record title. In addition, the record will indicate whether the item is available through the USGS store or online for immediate viewing.

Visitors can use the simple or advanced search function to locate publications on a specific topic such as ‘disease’, which brings back over 1070 items, a rather large results set. To help users manage copious pages of results, the Warehouse site offers a couple of options, which include the ability to sort by title, author and date. In addition, the results can be limited through the combination of 14 different filters. Once the user is satisfied with the set of results, they can save the search or export the results into different usable formats (e.g. Excel, csv or RIS).

An example of wildlife disease related titles available through the Warehouse:
So next time you are looking for information on wildlife diseases, make the USGS Publications Warehouse one of your online stops.