October 7, 2010


Wyoming Game and Fish officials find pneumonia in Whiskey Basin bighorn sheep

Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists are keeping a close watch on bighorn sheep in the Whiskey Mountain herd after recently documenting some animals with pneumonia.

Agency spokesman Mark Gocke said the herd — located in the Wind River range near Dubois — has struggled with several bouts of the disease over the years.

Four other Western states have discovered bacterial pneumonia outbreaks in at least 10 bighorn sheep populations over the past several months.

Casper Star-Tribune - trib.com
05 Oct 2010
Location: Whiskey Basin, Wyoming, USA - Map It

Protecting embryos against microbes

Headed by the Kiel zoologist Professor Thomas Bosch, a team of scientists from Germany and Russia succeeded in deciphering the mechanisms, for the first time, with which embryos of the freshwater polyp Hydra protect themselves against bacterial colonization.

. . . The researchers from Kiel University found a completely different composition of bacterial colonization in Hydra embryos compared to that of adult polyps.

Extensive analysis by microbiologist Sebastian Fraune and biochemist René Augustin showed that the embryos are equipped with a so-called antibacterial peptide by the mother. During the first days of development, this ensures that only certain benign bacteria settle on the embryo.

EurekAlert! - www.eurekalert.org
04 Oct 2010
Photo credit: S Fraune and F Anton-Erxleben/CAU

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