November 29, 2010


Avian diphtheria hits yellow-eyed penguins

An outbreak of avian diphtheria has hit southern Otago Peninsula yellow-eyed penguins. The outbreak comes at a critical stage for chicks that have recently hatched and is requiring some hands-on care by the Department of Conservation.

Doc ranger Mel Young said avian diphtheria seemed to hit the penguins every second year and samples from as many chicks as possible were being sent to Massey University's wildlife unit for testing.

It appeared the chicks caught a virus and then contracted the diphtheria as a secondary disease.

Otago Daily News -
R Fox
24 Nov 2010
Location: Otago Peninusla, Otago, New Zealand - Map It

Whale carcass removed from CT beach

City of Cape Town authorities were hard at work on Wednesday afternoon trying to remove a decomposing whale carcass in Sea Point.

It washed up near the Rocklands Beach earlier in the week, leaving a strong stench in the area.

It is not yet clear how the mammal died.

Eyewitness News -
C September
23 Nov 2010
Photo credit: C September/Eyewitness News
Location: Sea Point, Western Cape, South Africa - Map It

Endangered Species News
Photo credit: Brent Barrett/WA Department of Environment and Conservation
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