December 6, 2010


Department of Wildlife: Investigators rule out bird flu, West Nile, avian botulism in pelican deaths near Reno

Investigators still are not clear what killed the 22 pelicans found dead in early October at Washoe Lake, south of Reno, the Nevada Department of Wildlife reported.

"They have ruled out avian influenza, West Nile virus and avian botulism," NDOW spokesman Chris Healy said.

"The fancy answer is the usual suspects are no longer suspects, and they're looking for something else."

The Reno Gazette-Journal -
S Timko
03 Dec 2010
Location: Washoe Lake, Nevada, USA - Map It

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Public warned to stay away from sick foxes in Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge residents are being warned to stay away from foxes because of an outbreak of mange, which can be transmitted to humans. The city says there have been an increase in calls about sick foxes in Wheat Ridge and surrounding communities, some of them so sick they are wandering around in a dazed state.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has determined that the sick foxes have a condition known as "sarcoptic mange."

. . . Lisa Stigall, spokeswoman for the Wheat Ridge Police Department, said mange is contagious to other animals as well as humans.

Denver Post -
H Pankratz
02 Dec 2010
Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA - Map It

Photo credit: P Klaunzer/EPA
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