December 29, 2010

Wildlife Disease Journal Digest

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Chronic Wasting Disease Update - Report No. 99 [pdf]
USGS National Wildlife Health Center and B Richards
13 Dec 2010
Detection of West Nile Virus in Stable Flies (Diptera: Muscidae) Parasitizing Juvenile American White Pelicans
Journal of Medical Entomology. 2010; 47(6): 1205-1211
G Johnson et al.

National Wildlife Disease Program - The Carrier - September 2010 [pdf]
Volume 2, Issue 3

The Interaction of Ruminant PrPSc with Soils Is Influenced by Prion Source and Soil Type
Environ. Sci. Technol. 2010;44(22): 8503–8508
BC Maddison et al.

Marine Science Review - Blooms and biotoxins [pdf]
Volume 405

Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management - November 2010
Volume 1, Issue 2

World Organization for Animal Health - OIE Bulletin - 2010 [pdf]
OIE working methods
Volume 3

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health - September 2010
Volume 22, Issue 3

Interactions between Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and its amphibian hosts: a review of pathogenesis and immunity
Microbes Infect. 2010 Oct 14. [Epub ahead of print]
J Voyles et al.

Rapid End-Point Quantitation of Prion Seeding Activity with Sensitivity Comparable to Bioassays
PLoS Pathog 6(12): e1001217.
JM et al.

Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre National Workshop for Wildlife Health Professionals [pdf]
One World One Health Session Report (1-19 pages)
February 24, 2010 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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