October 3, 2011

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Fears fish disease has spread to stingrays
Stingrays in central Queensland could be showing signs of the same illness that is killing fish in the Gladstone harbour.

The government banned fishing in the harbour after sick fish with cloudy eyes and sores were found.Biosecurity Queensland say initial tests found red-spot disease and a parasite were the cause.

Capricorn Conservation Council co-ordinator Michael McCabe says two stingrays have been found about 90 kilometres north of Gladstone harbour at Emu Park and Yeppoon with similar red spots

... "Our concerns are it could be linked to what's happening to the fish at Gladstone."

9 News - news.ninemsn.com
30 Sep 2011
P Berry
Location: Gladstone harbour, Queensland, Australia - Map It

Colorado State University Study Looks at Test to Identify Chronic Wasting Disease in Wildlife

A Colorado State University study is developing and evaluating a more sensitive test for chronic wasting disease – including the potential to test for infection in live animals, animal products and the environment – through a project funded by Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation.

... The research into the potential test may allow detection of CWD prions in live animals, animal products and the environment.

“Developing this test may eventually lead to a more rapid and sensitive to test for CWD,” said Dr. Ed Hoover, a Colorado State University veterinarian and researcher with 30 years of experience in researching infectious diseases of animals. “But, just as significantly, it may lead to a substantial gain in our understanding of how prions spread, survive in natural habitats, and impact animal and public health.”

Colorado State University - www.news.colostate.edu
29 Sep 2011


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