January 19, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


Bird deaths reported in several Baleswar areas

The deaths of birds including crows, pigeons, hens and owl have been reported from various parts of Baleswar district. Though case of bird flu has been detected conclusively in the district, reports of influenza-related death of avian creatures have been received from the regions of Nilgiri, Bahanaga and Jaleswar.

The serum samples of suspected cases from each patch have been sent for testing in the State laboratory. The blood samples of the suspected cases, although being sent to Animal Disease Research Institute, Bhubaneswar, no case of H5N1 (bird flu) has been detected so far in the district, informed official sources

... In Jaleswar, in the farm area of one Dinanath Parida in village Ambaliatha, some crows were found dead. Local veterinary officer Arun Pradhan and his staff disposed of the bodies. Similarly, in the Gopalpur and Bishnupur areas in Bahanaga bloc, reports of death of crows and poultry birds have been received.

The Pioneer - www.daily.pioneer.com
15 Jan 2012
D Kundu
Location: Baleswar, Bangladesh - Map It

Migratory bird death causes flu ripples in Chilika

Bird flu scare spread to Chilika lake with a migratory bird found dead in Nalabana sanctuary, even as culling of poultry continued for the second day on Friday in Keranga of Khurda district.

Wildlife officials found a dead brown-headed gull, a migratory bird, from the bird sanctuary area in the lake on Thursday.... collected at least 20 samples of eight migratory birds of different species, including the dead brown-headed gull, for testing.

Times of India - articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com
14 Jan 2012
Location: Chilika Lake, Orissa, India - Map It


More News of Bird Morality in India

Little Egret tests positive for H5 virus

Preliminary testing of a dead Little Egret found in Yuen Long has tested positive for the H5 avian influenza virus, a spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said today (January 14), adding that further confirmatory tests are being conducted.

The bird carcass was found and collected beside a tree outside Yuen Long Office, Wetland and Fauna Conservation (Enforcement) Section of AFCD, ... Yuen Long on January 12. The Little Egret is a common resident bird in Hong Kong.

... The spokesman said that two chicken farms are within 3 kilometres of where the dead bird was found. AFCD staff inspected the farms and found no abnormal mortality or symptoms of avian influenza among the chicken flocks. These farms will be put under enhanced surveillance.

... The department will continue its wild bird monitoring and surveillance.

7th Space Interactive - 7thspace.com
14 Jan 2012
Location: Yuen Long, Hong Kong, China - Map It


Seal death mystery could stay unsolved

Scientists examining dead seal pups found on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula say the creatures are so badly decomposed it may not be possible to determine how they died.

The bodies of 51 New Zealand fur seal pups and two young adults were found washed up near Port Lincoln and at Wanna Beach in the Lincoln National Park.

... Dr Lucy Woolford says the seals were between four and eight weeks old and died up to 10 days ago.

She says there are no signs of malicious treatment."The two main causes we're thinking of, has there been some kind of mismothering incident," she said.

"Whether there's been a problem with the mother seals either through health or through some kind of disturbance that they have abandoned their seal pups en masse essentially or whether there is some kind of infectious disease or problem within the pups themselves.

"The fact that 51 seal pups have all died around the same time is very alarming and we're hoping it doesn't escalate to something further. It could be indicative of a bigger problem."

The seals were found along a six-kilometre stretch of shoreline and more bodies are expected to be found as volunteers search nearby beaches.

ABC News - www.abc.net.au
18 Jan 2011
Photo courtesy of ABC News
Location: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia - Map It

Photo courtesy of The Star
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