February 10, 2012

In the Spotlight – EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance – Promoting Human and Wildlife Health through Conservation Medicine

Building on 40 years of innovative conservation science, EcoHealth Alliance is a U.S.-based international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and safeguarding human health from the emergence of global disease outbreaks.  The organization focuses on the complex and changing threats to the environment and the impact on human, animal, and ecosystem health. EcoHealth Alliance scientists created the first-ever global disease hotspots map to identify at-risk regions to help predict and prevent the next pandemic crisis.

The organization’s vision is to lead the change in perspectives, policy, and practices that increase global capacity to respond to emerging threats at the intersection of health and the environment. EcoHealth Alliance's global health programs are founded on innovations in research, education, training, and support from a network of local conservation partners.

EcoHealth Alliance has developed a number of programs that research the interconnections of emerging diseases within and between human and wildlife populations.

Health programs include:

Amphibian Declines
EcoHealth Alliance and its global partners are researching the emergence and spread of chytridiomycosis, a pathogen that has been linked to the rapid declines and extinctions of amphibian populations worldwide. Learn More »

Assessing the Impacts of Global Wildlife Trade

Experts at the EcoHealth Alliance are conducting on the ground science, in collaboration with government and industry, to reduce the risks of wildlife trade, which can be a source for disease pathogens. Learn More »

Consortium for Conservation Medicine
The Consortium for Conservation Medicine places students in the field working with established scientists in the U.S. or internationally where they will have an opportunity to participate in state-of-the art research at the human-animal interface. Learn More »

EcoHealthNet is a program for U.S. and international graduate students interested in infectious disease research. Learn More »

One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA)
The One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA) is a trans-disciplinary and intergovernmental alliance that aims to tackle the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases that can be shared among wildlife, domestic animals and people. Learn More »

The PREDICT project seeks to identify new emerging infectious diseases that could become a threat to human health. Learn More »

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To learn more about EcoHealth Alliance and their programs visit their website, http://www.ecohealthalliance.org. You can also watch a short video about the organization and its mission here.

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