April 9, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


Thousands of dolphins may have died in Peru's massive die-off; cause could remain mystery
... The strandings, which began in January, are a marine mystery that may never be unraveled. The causes could be acoustic impact from testing for oil or perhaps an unknown disease. In addition, stress or toxic contaminants can make marine mammals more vulnerable to pathogens such as viruses, said Peter Ross, a research scientist at Canada’s Institute of Ocean Sciences. In a mass die-off, “there might be a smoking gun, but often we find that it’s two or three or four factors,” said Ross.

Enivornmental Health News - www.environmentalhealthnews.org
06 Apr 2012
B Fraser
Location: Peru - Map It

More Marine Wildlife News
>>> Investigation Launched Into February Orca Death [View past story on the Digest's Disease News Map HERE [Long Beach, Washington, USA]

Photo courtesy of The Guardian feature, Week in Wildlife
  •  Agencies Rally to Tackle Big Data [Its goal is to increase fundamental understanding of the technologies needed to manipulate and mine massive amounts of information; apply that knowledge to other scientific fields; address national goals in health, energy, defense, and education; and train more researchers to work with those technologies.]
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