May 3, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories

500 Pelicans Die in Peru

More than 500 pelicans have died off the coast of Peru, the BBC reports. The Peruvian government is investigating the deaths of hundreds of birds which stretched along 40-miles of beach along their North Eastern coast.

Officials are saying the pelicans died over the last few days. But they are not the only animals to have mysteriously died in Peru recently.

The Peruvian Maritime Institute discovered the carcasses of 538 pelicans, 54 boobies, five sea lions and a turtle. All of the animals were at different stages of decomposition when they were found but appear to have died recently.

... Earlier this year nearly 800 dolphins had perished along the same strip of land and the Peruvian government is “deeply worried.”

A report revealed the pelicans did not die at sea, but on the beach, possibly from a virus or seismic oil. Further tests will need to be conducted to pinpoint the exact cause of death.

Long Island Press -
30 Apr 2012
J Dawson
Location: Peru - Map It

More Marine Wildlife Mortality News

Avian botulism causing duck deaths at Ellis Lake

Ellis Lake appears to be experiencing a new outbreak of avian botulism, Marysville police said Saturday. The police and public works departments have responded to multiple calls of dead and dying ducks around the lake in the last week, police said in a statement.

... The toxin is not uncommon in the area, and it tends to be widespread in areas with an overpopulation of ducks, police said. Warmer weather is a precursor of the toxin, but the toxin does not reflect the water quality.

... In June and July 2010, more than 30 dead ducks were spotted at the lake, with botulism believed to be the cause.

Appeal -
28 Apr 2012
A Gebb
Location: Ellis Lake, California, USA - Map It

White-Nose Syndrome Found In Lookout Mountain Cave

A biologist and volunteers working within the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park collected two tricolored bats in a park cave in Hamilton County, Tennessee, one of which tested positive for white-nose syndrome (WNS).

The -
02 May 2012
Location: Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Tennessee, USA - Map It   

Other WNS News

It Ain't All Bad News

Humpback Whale Shows Amazing Appreciation After Being Saved [Thanks to a Digest reader for sharing this feel-good video] [video 8 min 21 min]

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