May 7, 2012

Today's Wildlife Disease News Stories


Local bat researchers shed ultraviolet light on white nose syndrome

Bat researchers based in Shohola are employing an unconventional tool—ultraviolet light—in efforts to unlock another piece of the puzzle that is white nose syndrome (WNS), the mysterious disease that started in the Albany, NY area in 2005-06 that has killed millions of bats and continues to spread. One potential outcome of the research could be clues to a precursor condition that sets the stage for further development of the fungal phase that typically leads to a bat’s death.

The River Reporter -
03 May 2012
S Long

More White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) News

Dead crested myna H5 positive

A dead crested myna found near Santa Monica Avenue in Yuen Long on April 27 has tested H5 positive and more tests are underway, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department announced today.

Hong Kong's Information Services Department -
02 May 2012
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Location: - Yuen Long, Hong Kong, China - Map It 

Researchers test California sea lions for kidney disease

... California sea lions caught in floating pens, ... were researchers from the Marine Mammal Center were taking urine and blood samples to test for a pathogen that causes kidney disease.

The researchers were testing for leptospira, a strain bacteria that causes leptospirosis in humans and animals.

Daily Astorian -
03 May 2012
E Stratton
Location: California, USA

Photo courtesy of The Guardian feature, The Week in Wildlife

It Ain't All Bad News

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