July 20, 2012

In the Spotlight: Upcoming Wildlife Health Related Professional Opportunities

Upcoming Wildlife Health Related Professional Opportunities

Spain's National Wildlife Research Institute - Masters Course in Wildlife Research
The MSc in Wildlife Research consists of a three-month general training period, including scientific experimental design and scientific communication and specialization courses on wildlife ecology, wildlife diseases and wildlife genetics and reproduction. Eligible courses include epidemiology, statistics and GIS applied to wildlife disease control.

Five Day Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation Course - Managing Infectious Disease in Conservation Programmes
This five day course provides an overview of emerging infectious diseases, their connection to humans and their impact on wildlife health. The course considers the relationship between ecosystems, biodiversity and human health, and how anthropogenic change is driving the emergence of new diseases of concern to wildlife.

The course is designed for veterinary students and practitioners considering a shift into a career in conservation, and for biologists with an interest in wildlife health and its management.

University of Florida Aquatic Animal Health Program - Diseases of Warmwater Fish
Diseases of Warmwater Fish is an intensive two-week class designed to provide instruction in the methodology of diagnosis and treatment of parasitic, bacterial, viral, nutritional, and environmental diseases of warmwater food fish and aquarium species. This course is open to students, veterinarians, fisheries biologists, aquaculturists, and professional aquarists. The course is offered by the University of Florida's Aquatic Animal Health Program and will be held at varying locations in Florida.

ZSL Institute of Zoology Postgraduate Study - Masters Course in Wild Animal Health
The MSc in Wild Animal Health is taught jointly by the Institute of Zoology and the Royal Veterinary College. It aims to teach the principles and practice of managing all aspects of wild animal health, both in captivity and in the wild. Students learn alongside experts in the field, to acquire knowledge and skills in wild animal management and the epidemiology, treatment and control of disease.

Find More Wildlife Health Related Learning Opportunities on the Digest's Professional Announcements Page

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The Wildlife Data Integration Network team regularly provides wildlife disease related announcements about professional development activities, such as upcoming meetings, continuing education offers, and employment opportunities.  All of which can be found right here on the Digest.

After reading all the latest wildlife disease related news and developments, click on the Professional Announcements page (highlighted in Figure 1 with a red box) and learn about future activities and events of interest to those who share a concern about wildlife disease.   

If you have an announcement you would like to include, email the details about it to us at digest@wdin.org. If it relates to wildlife health, you will see it posted here. Your colleagues will appreciate your efforts!

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