October 19, 2012

In the Spotlight: CDFG Wildlife Investigation Lab Blog

Are you interested in hearing about what wildlife biologists are doing in the field? Then, you will want to check out the CDFG Wildlife Investigation Lab blog published by the California Dept of Fish and Game (CDFG). Blog writers frequently publish fascinating articles related to wildlife disease. There is a good chance you will learn something new! We do! Routinely, articles from this blog are included in Digest issues.

It’s suspected to be the intermediate stage
of a tapeworm, known as “cysticercosis”,
but this is uncertain.
The most recent post is about a mysterious parasite found in Humboldt County in a black-tailed deer lung. Tell me you are not intrigued?! Read more about this disease investigation case HERE .

Wildlife Investigations Laboratory

Wildlife Investigations Lab (WIL) was established in 1941. Its mission is to investigate, monitor and manage population health issues in California's wildlife. In addition WIL provides expertise, service, training and resources to assist CDFG personnel with wildlife disease issues.

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