December 27, 2012

12 Days of the Wildilfe Health Event Reporter

Figure 1: Jingle and Jangle helping baby reindeer,
Vixen in the beloved holiday show,  'A Year without a Santa Claus'
Twelve Days of the Wildlife Health Event Reporter
Day 11: What if One of Santa’s Reindeer got Sick?

We all know Santa’s reindeer are all very well cared for by Santa and his elves, like when the elves, Jingle and Jangle helped baby Vixen when he got over heated in A Year without a Santa Clause [Figure 1]. The Wildlife Health Event Reporter (WHER) can also help with injured and sick wildlife.

The system can potentially be used by wildlife biologists and researchers to assist with the prevention and control of wildlife disease which can significantly impact the health of wildlife populations, especially in the case of endangered or threatened species.

In addition, WHER can help wildlife critters on a smaller scale too. If a citizen wants to help a sick or injured wild animal that they found, but do not know how to locate the nearest wildlife rehabilitator, they can visit WHER’s instructional website, Wildlife Health Event Reporter News & Information. At this site, concerned individuals can find a list of helpful resources including how to:
  • Find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area
  • Locate contact for specific information on wildlife in your state/province
What Did We Miss?

Upon visiting the site, you will find that we have a good start on a list of how to find help for wildlife, but it is by no means complete. If you have a resource you think we should be included, send it to us at Your fellow wildlife lovers will appreciate your effort!

Please note - we do not advocate the handling of sick, injured, or dead animals without proper training. Individuals who do this, do it at their own risk and should be aware of the dangers. You could be injured and/or exposed to a zoonotic disease, a disease of wildlife that can be transmitted to humans.


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