April 5, 2010


Bird carcass in Varna confirmed with avian influenza

The carcass of the bird in the region of Varna confirmed that it was infected by the H5N1 strain, avian influenza or bird flu, Bulgarian daily Dnevnik reported on April 1 2010, quoting the Agriculture Ministry.

The carcass was analysed in the National Veterinary Service (NVS), the report said.

The dead bird was a common buzzard, inhabiting most of Europe and parts of Asia, which is very common in Bulgaria.

The Sofia Echo - www.sofiaecho.com
01 Apr 2010
N Lllev
Photo courtesy of The Sofia Echo/M Szczepanek
Location: Varna, Bulgaria - Map It

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The West Linn Tidings - www.westlinntidings.com
01 Apr 2010
K Hansen
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Photo courtesy of The Guardian